Best Table in Hell 191

The Usual.

Cheers Joe!

Best Table in Hell 191

The Damned – Liar – Machine Gun Etiquette
Ulteriors – Broken Glass – Ulteriors
Bad Beach – Burning Shoes – Cut It Off

Civil Disgust – Grab Ahold – Civil Disgust
Defiance – Don’t Want It – Nothing Lasts Forever
The A.G.’s – Bryan’s Car – Bryan’s Car

TukaTukas – The Mask – Sound Cloud
Eskorbuto – Ratas Rabiosis – Jodiendolo Todo
Groinoids – Empty Skulls – Radiobeat Sessions

Jabara – Dear Observer – Why We Wish
The Insurgence – Blood Money – The Insurgence
The Enders – Self Deluded – The Ruins Of Ambition

Dictators – Faster and Louder – Bloodbrothers
Smut Peddlers – Do The Flop – Ism
Neutralboy – All Eyes On The Crooked Guy – Everybody Dies…

Exploding Fuck Dolls – Fish Date – Crack The safe
The Turbo A.C.’s – Primer Black – Turbo For Life
Pantychrist – Rock ‘n’ Roll – Never Love Anything

Headons – Back Again – Always Waitin’
Cadillac Tramps – Barbed Wire – Cadillac Tramps
Million Kids – Transmit Radio – L.A. Is Gonna Make You Breathe

Jello Biafra & The Guantanamo School Of Medicine – New Feudalism – The Audacity Of Hype
Lab Rats – That’s Not Real Musik – These Decapitated Visions

Juvenile Truth – Pastures Of Plenty – No Enemy

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