Best Table in Hell 193

All Noise! this week. NO CHRISTMAS music.

Cheers Joe!

Best Table in Hell 193

Alice Donut – Lydia’s Black Lung – Buckets Full Of Sickness And Horror In An Otherwise Meaningless Life
Lubricated Goat – Broken Glass – Paddock Of Love
Halo Of Flies – Father Paranoia – Music For Insect Minds

Cows – Heave Ho – Cunning Stunts
The Bastards – Neighbor – Monticello
Hammerhead – Louse – Ethereal Killer

Guzzard – Wubba – Get A Witness
Mothers Day – Zog – If I Only Had a Brain
Venison – Slaughterhouse – 6 Points Of Light

Scratch Acid – She Said – The Greatest Gift
The Cherubs – Blackhouse – Heroin Man
Butthole Surfers – Mexican Caravan – Psychic… Powerless… Another Mans Sac

Killdozer – King Of Sex – Snakeboy
God Bullies – Do It Again – Dog Show
Pussy Galore – Really Suck – Right Now

Mud Honey – Touch Me I’m Sick – SuperFuzz/BigMuff
Tad – Wood Goblins – Salt Lick
Melvins – Honey Bucket – Houdini

Big Black – Fish Fry – Songs About Fucking
Cop Shoot Cop – Heads I Win, Tails You Lose – White Noise

Playground Justice – Reagan’s Day – Live At The Longhorn Studio

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