Best Table in Hell 209

Just playing a bunch of Rock & Roll this week.

Cheers Joe!

Best Table in Hell 209

Headons – Allting – Allting

The Dwarves – Johnny On The Spot – Come Clean

The Load Levelers – Methlab – America, Fuck Yeah

Dead Kennedy’s – Bleed For Me – Plastic Surgery Disasters


The Joneses – Pill Box – Criminal History

Spermbirds – Americans Are Cool – Something To Prove

GBH – The Forbidden Zone – City Baby’s Revenge

Citizen Useless – Shotgun Poet – Any Port In A Storm

Groovie Ghoulies – The Highwayman – Travels With My Amp

The Briefs – Poor And Weird – Hit After Hit

The Grim – Old Enough – Getting Revenge In ‘merica

 Abrasive Wheels – Vicious Circle – When The Punks Go Marching In

Wrong Beach – Dark Robot – Last Ride

Jesus Chrysler – Systematic Shutdown – This Year’s Savior

Fear – I Don’t Care About You – The Record

Dead Lazlo’s Place – Three Sheets To The Wind – Lonely Street

Ulteriors – Broken Glass – Ulteriors

Agrotoxico – Marcas De Revolta – Coas

The Enemy – Societies Fools – Gateway To Hell

Nasal Boys – Die Wuste Lebt – Lost And Found

Subhumans – Canada’s Favorite Sport – No Wishes, No Prayers

Chron Gen – You Make Me Spew – Chronic Generation

The Pagans – She’s A Cadaver (And I Gotta Have Her) – Everybody Hates You

 Entropy – Atriums and Exits – Out Of Spite

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