Best Table in Hell 210

Just playing the Punk Rock this week.

Cheers Joe!

Best Table in Hell 210

Pagan Babies – Makin’ Up For Lost Time – Next

Fang – Skinheads Smoke Dope – Landshark/Where The Wild Things Are

Pink Lincolns – Riot Barbie – Pure Swank

Mau Maus – Just Another Day – Facts Of War

Rites Of Spring – By Design – End On End

Doggy Style – Family Man – Don’t Hit Me Up

China White – Daddy’s Little Queen – Danger Zone

Face To Face – Disconnected – Don’t Turn Away

Animal Train – Vital Core – Commercial Suicide

Humble Gods – Media Manipulation – Born Free

Angry Samoans – Carson Girls – Inside My Brain

Didjits – Spicy Little Outfit – Que Sirhan Sirhan

The Freeze – Violent Arrest – Guilty Face

Youth Korps – Hang On Belushi – Quick And The Dead Demo

Toxic Reasons – Riot Squad – Independence

 All Systems Fail – Bully Boys – All Systems Fail

Victims – Your Life Is Red – Divide And Conquer

Submissives – What I’ll Do For You – An Anvil Will Wear Out Many A Hammer

 X-Creta – The Wild One – Patronizing The Heterodox

Stench – King Mob – Obsessed With Evil

Widows – Wall Of Berlin – Balls N’ Bollocks

Zero Boys – Civilizations Dying – Viscous Circle

SPLNTR – Drive – Disconnected

Violators – Live Fast And Die Young – The No Future Years

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