Best Table in Hell 220

All Noise! This Week.

Cheers Joe!

Best Table in Hell 220

Scratch Acid – She Said – The Greatest Gift

Alice Donut – Lydia’s Black Lung – Bucketfulls Of Sickness And Horror In An Otherwise Meaningless Life

God Bullies – Do It Again – Dog Show

Butthole Surfers – Wichita Cathedral – Butthole Surfers/Live PCPEP

The Cherubs – Blackhouse – Heroin Man

King Snake Roost – Crowbar – Ground Into The Dirt

Cows – Carnival Ride – Taint Pluribus Taint Unum

Hammerhead – American Rampage – Ethereal Killer

Bastards – Hole – Monticello

Dazzling Killmen – Staring Contest – Face Of Collapse

Killdozer – Ed Gein – Intellectuals Are The Shoeshine Boys Of The Ruling Elite

Millsted – Coyote – Harlem

Big Black – Jordan, Minnesota – The Rich Man’s Eight Track

Grong Grong – Louie The Fly – Grong Grong

Lubricated Goat – Funeral On A Spit – Paddock Of Love

Tad – Wood Goblins – Salt Lick

Mudhoney – Touch Me, I’m Sick – Super Fuzz Big Muff

U-Men – Dig It A Hole – Solid Action

Cop Shoot Cop – Heads I Win, Tails You Lose – White Noise

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