Best Table in Hell 221

Just rockin’ this week.

Cheers Joe!

Best Table in Hell 221

Cerebral Ballzy – Junky For Her – Cerebral Ballzy
Betty Blowtorch – Strung Out – Are You Man Enough?
Quincy Punx – Crack Lab – We’re Not Punx… But We Play Them On T.V.

The Shrine – Tripping Corpse – Bless Off
Toxic Reasons – Up Ahead And Around The Corner – No Peace In Our Time
The Skulls – Held Against Your Will – Therapy For The Shy

Wasted Youth – Blind Nuns – Get Out Of My Yard
Subhumans – For The Common Good – No Wishes, No Prayers
G.B.H. – Christianized Cannibals – City Babies Revenge

Dayglo Abortions – One Cheque From The Street – Death Race 2000
Vandals – The Legend Of Pat Brown – Peace Thru Vandalism
Jesus Christ Superfly – Dead Wrong – Jesus Christ Superfly

Descendants – Hurtin’ Crue – Enjoy!
Three-Legged Dog – Shaking The Dew – Unloaded 1987-1989
The Freeze – American Town – Land Of The Lost

Bulimia Banquet – Hippyfoot – Party My Colon
Cadillac Tramps – Should I… – It’s Alright
The Dragons – Sleep When I’m Dead – R.L.F.

Chron Gen – LSD – Chronic Generation
The Guv’nors – W.A.N.C.O.R.S. – Highroller
The Cliché’s – Dark Side Of Society – No Justice, Just Us

Dag Nasty – One to Two – Can I Say

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