Best Table in Hell 327

All over the place this week. Followed by two weeks of Skate Rock!

Cheers Joe!


Best Table in Hell 327
F.U.’s – What You Pay For – My America
Sin 34 – Nothing Makes Sense – Do You Feel Safe?
Black Market Baby – Potential Suicide – Coulda…Shoulda…Woulda
Throw Rag – Rule Maker – Desert Shores
The Vermin – Rough Trade – Joe’s Shanghai
Code of Honor – Education – Beware the Savage Jaw
A.N.S – Goon Destroyer – Let Them Eat Wood!
Bones Brigade – Zombie Attack – Older Than Shit, Heavier Than Time
Gang Green – We’ll Give It To You – You Got It!
MDC – It’s Later Than You Think – Hey Cop! If I Had a Face Like Yours…
False Prophets – Mental Ghetto – Blind Roaches & Fat Vultures…
The Effigies – Below the Drop – Haunted Town ep
Sloppy Seconds – So Fucked Up – Destroyed
Detox – Life on Cahuenga – Detox
Flag of Democracy – Brain Dead – 23lp
Crosstops – Wasting Away Again – The Ego That Ate The World
Bulemia Banquet – Bobo – Party My Colon
Dead Silence – One From the Inside – Stress
Spider Cunts – Hey! – Stuck Up-n-Mean
Capitalist Casualties – Decaying – Disassembly Line
Jesus Christ Superfly – Big Shit – Jesus Christ Superfly
Anal Babes – Flabby, Sagging Flesh – Delirium or Diarrhea

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