Best Table in Hell 340

Just playing some Punk Rock and stuff.

Cheers Joe!

BTiH Inverted

Best Table in Hell 340

M.I.A. – Boredom Is the Reason – Lost Boys

The Freeze – Halloween Night – Guilty Face ep.

Stench – Creature From the Black Lagoon – Cult Status

Angry Samoans – Garbage Pit – STP not LSD

The Spears – People Are Bad – Shove

Dwarves – Better Be Women – Come Clean

Sham 69 – The Year of the Idiot – It’ll End In Tears

The Oppressed – Skinhead Girl – Totally Oppresed

The Business – Back in the Day – 7”

Human Alert – Sucker For Action – Circus Chaos

Legal Weapon – Waiting in Line – Death of Innocence

647 (f) – Holy Shit – ?

The Pleasure Fuckers – Sexy French Motherfucker – For Your Pleasure

The Didjits – Spicy Little Outfit – Que Sirhan Sirhan

Swingin’ Teens – Life Can Be Wonderful – 7”

Iron Reagan – Bill of Fights – The Tyranny of Will

Feng Shui Deathray – The Truth – The Path to Enlightenment

Sick Urge – Keep Them in the Ground – Corporate Conscience

RKL – Heavily Sedated – Riches to Rags

Draize Method – Look Out! – Now More Than Never

Cargo Cult – Misfortune Cookie – Strange Men Bearing Gifts

The Candy Snatchers – Halloween – Ugly on the Outside

Pagan Babies – Boxed In – Next

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