Best Table in Hell 341

Rockin’ and Rollin’ this week. Halloween mixtape next week.

Cheers Joe!


Best Table in Hell 341

Spider Babies – I Wanna Eat Your Flesh – Adventures in SEX! And Violence

Whoppers Taste Good – P.P.S. – Haunting White Castle

Saccharine Trust – I Am Right – Paganicons

D Generation – 1981 – No Lunch

Mission of Burma – This Is Not a Photograph – Signals, Calls, and Marches

Camper Van Beethoven – Cowboys From Hollywood – Take the Skainheads Bowling ep

Descendents – Full Circle – Hypercaffium Spazinate

Face to Face – Bent But Not Broken – Protection

Ten Foot Pole – Wake Up (And Smell the Fascism) – Subliminable Messages

Dead Kennedy’s – Halloween – Plastic Surgery Disasters

Gin Goblins – Horrorshow – Season of the Dead

Rudimentary Peni – Vampire State Building – Death Church

Switchblade Justice – Vampire Girlfriend – Let’s Destroy The World Tonight!

The Fuck Yeahs – Zombie – No Farts, No Glory

The Undead – Evening of Desire – Act Your Rage

Naked Raygun – Rat Patrol – Throb Throb

TMA – Hipster – Beach Party 2000

Chemical People – Nudist Camp – Ten Fold Hate

X – Motel Room In My Bed – Under The Big Black Sun

The Devil Dogs – 6th Ave. Local – Saturday Night Fever

Sky Penis – Not My Earth, Not My Problem – Demo

Wrong Beach – Child For One – Last Ride

Hard-Ons – Dancing Girls – Hard-Ons

Zero Boys – Dirty Alleys/Dirty Minds – Vicious Circle

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