Best Table in Hell 353

Some of this and some of that this week.

Cheers Joe!

BTiH Inverted

Best Table in Hell 353

Agnostic Front – Force Feed – One Voice

Generation Decline – Land Of The Greed – Battle Anthems

False Profit – Broken Promise Land – False Profit, 15 Years, Thrash till Death

GBH – Perfume and Piss – Perfume and Piss

Crumbsuckers – Bullshit Society – Life Of Dreams

Blatant Dissent – The Man In Black – Hold the Fat

Verbal Abuse – Concrete Walls – Red, White and Violent

Anti-Vision – Blow Me (Up) – No Place Like Home

Hogan’s Heroes – One Intent – 101/3 Fist and a Mouthfull

The Assassinators – Doomsday Protocol – Substandard Conditions

Crucifix – Permanently Damaged – Exhibit A.

The Varukers – Under Attack – How Do You Sleep?

Raw Power – Don’t You Dare Blame Us – Tired and Furious

Final Conflict – Eradicate – No Peace On Earth, No Rest In Hell

ANS – Seized By Fascists – Pressure Cracks

Broken Bones – Justify War – Time For Anger, Not Justice

Nausea – Inherit The Wasteland – The Punk Terrorist Anthology Vol.1

Siege – Conform – Drop Dead

Dr. Know – Pandora’s Box – This Island Earth

C.O.C. – Consumed – Animosity

The Scam – Off Track – Everything Ends In A Rot 7”

Lobotomia – Eles São Ferozes – Desastre

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