Best Table in Hell 376

All over the place this week. Skate Rock next week.

Cheers Joe!

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Best Table in Hell 376

Executioner – Crimes Through Corruption – The Anthology

Public Nuisance – What Happened – Back With a Swill

All Sytems Fail – Last Seconds Before Annihilation – All Sytems Fail

Agnostic Front – Growing Concern – Cause For Alarm

Cro-Mags – Street Justice – Age Of Quarrel

Murphy’s Law – Quest For Herb – Back with A Bong

Grong Grong – Louie The Fly – To Hell And Back

Poison 13 – Die For Me – Poison 13

Rudimentary Peni – Nothing But A Nightmare – Death Church

Deadspot – Addiction – Adios Dude

Beowulf – Hippy Liquor – Lost My Head…

Plain Wrap – Black Luck Man – Original Music For A Generic World

Righteous Pigs – Sickened by His Own Existence – Stress Related/Live and Learn

Pig Children – America’s Dying In Her Sleep/ Selective Service – Blood For The State

No Pigs – Broken Promises – 7”

Turbonegro – Self Destructo Bust – Apocalypse Dudes

The Cooters – Crusty – Punk Metal

REO Speedealer – Viva La Vulva – REO Speedealer

29th Street Disciples – Saturday Night Stand – 29th Street Disciples

Superbuick – Skater To the Grave – Superbuick

N.O.T.A. – Face The Facts – Give Em Enough Dope

Best Table in Hell 374

All Compilations this week.

Cheers Joe!

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Best Table in Hell 374

Bad Brains – Pay to Cum – Let Them Eat Jellybeans

White Flag – Loaded – Rat Music For Rat People

The Adicts – Viva La Revolution – Punk and Disorderly

Naked Lady Wrestlers – Dan With The Mellow Hair – Not So Quiet On the Western Front

Poison Idea – Die On Your Knees – Cleanse The Bacteria

Anti – Repressed Aggression – Life Is Beautiful So Why Not Eat Healthfoods?

NOFX – The Idiots Are Taking Over – The War On Errorism Part 2 “The Idiot Has Taken Over”

Less – Only Users Lose Drugs – Death To Fanatics

Harrington Saints – Saturdays In The Sun – Still Fighting

Subhumans – Rats – P.E.A.C.E./WAR

The Burnt – The Game – War Between The States North

Landlords – Sinners In The Hands Of An Angry God – War Between The States South

Heart Attack – God is Dead – New York Thrash

Butch Lust and The Hypocrites – Smashed Rats – Big Apple Rotten To the Core Vol.1

The Headlickers – Look What They’ve Done – Big Apple Rotten To the Core Vol.2

Assrash – Crash & Burn – No Slow… All Go!

Coffin Cheaters – Kill You Fuckers – No Hold Back… All Attack!!!

Royal Pain – No Lords – Workman’s Comp

Union 13 – Going Through This – Old Skars & Upstarts

Bulemics – If I Only Had a Heart – Going After Pussy

Terminus City – Landlord Bastard – The East Coast Of Oi!

Christ On A Chrutch – Nation Of Sheep – They Don’t Get Paid, They Don’t Get Laid, But Boy Do They Work Hard!

The Proletariat – Religion Is The Opium Of The Masses – This Is Boston, Not L.A.

Best Table in Hell 373

All over the place this week. All Compilations next week.

Cheers Joe!

BTiH Studio 2.3

Best Table in Hell 373

The Klan – Pushing To Hard – Rodney On The ROQ Vol.1

Red Cross – Burnout – Rodney On The ROQ Vol.2

Ch 3 – Separate Peace – Rodney On The ROQ Vol.3

Detox – Life On Cahuenga – Detox

Reagan Youth – In Dog We Trust – Volume 1

Eskorbuto – Ratas Rabiosas – Eskizofrenia

Police Bastard – Words Confined – Confined

Raw Power – Don’t You Dare Blame Us – Tired and Furious

Crise Total – Condeno – Crise Total

The Subhumans – America Commits Suicide – No Wishes, No Prayers

Capitalist Casualties – Decaying – Disassembly Line

Feng Shui Deathray – Darkest Hour – The Path to Enlightenment

Plasmatics – Squirm – New Hope For The Wretched

MDC – Multi Death Corporation – More Dead Cops

Star Fucking Hipsters – Immigrants & Hypocrites – Until We’re Dead

Toxic Reasons – Ghost Town – Independence

Blanks 77 – Ghetto Blasta – C.B.H.

Boris The Sprinkler – 4-Money – Saucer To Saturn

The Misfits – Teenagers From Mars – Static Age

Zero Boys – Civilizations Dying – Vicious Circle

Dwarves – Throw That World Away – The Dwarves Are Young and Good Looking

647f – Never Trust a Drugged Out Hippy! – Cop Corpse