Best Table in Hell 373

All over the place this week. All Compilations next week.

Cheers Joe!

BTiH Studio 2.3

Best Table in Hell 373

The Klan – Pushing To Hard – Rodney On The ROQ Vol.1

Red Cross – Burnout – Rodney On The ROQ Vol.2

Ch 3 – Separate Peace – Rodney On The ROQ Vol.3

Detox – Life On Cahuenga – Detox

Reagan Youth – In Dog We Trust – Volume 1

Eskorbuto – Ratas Rabiosas – Eskizofrenia

Police Bastard – Words Confined – Confined

Raw Power – Don’t You Dare Blame Us – Tired and Furious

Crise Total – Condeno – Crise Total

The Subhumans – America Commits Suicide – No Wishes, No Prayers

Capitalist Casualties – Decaying – Disassembly Line

Feng Shui Deathray – Darkest Hour – The Path to Enlightenment

Plasmatics – Squirm – New Hope For The Wretched

MDC – Multi Death Corporation – More Dead Cops

Star Fucking Hipsters – Immigrants & Hypocrites – Until We’re Dead

Toxic Reasons – Ghost Town – Independence

Blanks 77 – Ghetto Blasta – C.B.H.

Boris The Sprinkler – 4-Money – Saucer To Saturn

The Misfits – Teenagers From Mars – Static Age

Zero Boys – Civilizations Dying – Vicious Circle

Dwarves – Throw That World Away – The Dwarves Are Young and Good Looking

647f – Never Trust a Drugged Out Hippy! – Cop Corpse

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