Best Table in Hell 383

Punk Rockin’ this week.

Cheers Joe!

BTiH WS Studio

Best Table in Hell 383

The Proletariat – Religion Is The Opium Of The Masses – Voodoo Economics & Other American Tragedies

Jughead’s Revenge – Parliament Of Whores – Image Is Everything

Fleshdrive – What Is Right – 7”

Necros – Power Of Fear – Tangled Up

Flower Leperds – Kitten With A Whip – More Songs About Dames, Dope and Debauchery

Leatherface – Postwar Product Of A Fat Man’s Wallet – Cherry Knowle

Opposition Rising – The Truth Is Always Initially Opposed – Riot Starter 7”

Generation Decline – Land Of Greed – Battle Anthems

Dreadful Children – Punk House – We’re Coming For You!

Rude Pride – 1986 – On Common Ground

Seaside Rebels – Overworked, Underfed, and Underpaid – On Common Ground

The Living End – Revolution Regained – Roll On

Generacion Suicida – No Kiero Nada – Sombras

OC 45 – Class & Cruelty – Class & Cruelty

Rodents Of Unusual Size – Blood-Stained Decks – Eighteen Pack

Willful Neglect – Deprogrammed – Willful Neglect/Justice For No One

The Effigies – We’re Da Machine – 12”

MK-Ultra – What Have You Got? – Discography

The Jabbers – Groovy Motherfucker – American Standard

Quincy Punx – My America – Nutso Smasho

Sloppy Seconds – D.I.Y. ‘Til We Die! – Endless Bummer

Crosstops – The Great American Rip Off – The Ego That Ate The World

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