Best Table in Hell 387

Some Garage Rock this week.

Cheers Joe!

BTiH WS Studio

Best Table in Hell 387

Benny and the No-Goods – I Don’t Wanna Hear What Your Saying (Shut Up) – Single

The Prostitutes – Give Me Head or Give Me Death – Single

Jeff Dahl – Kaillua 5 AM – Made In Hawaii

The Nomads – Surfin’ In The Bars – Showdown!

Thee Headcoats – This Day To Bust – In Tweed We Trust

The Sonics – The Hardway – This Is The Sonics

The Pleasure Fuckers – Sexy French Motherfucker – For Your Pleasure

The Stallions – Snack Queen – Hey Baby, It’s The Stallions

The Ratz – Broken Bottle – Broken Bottles, Broken Bones

The Devil Dogs – Annalisa – The Devil Dogs

Gotohells – Beach Drive – Demolition

Oblivians – You Fucked Me Up, You Put Me Down – Popular Favorites

Midnight Evils – Got Me By The Balls – Straight Til Morning

Quadrajets – I Wanna Be Yer Zombie – Pay the Deuce

Mono Men – Waste O’ Time – Sin & Tonic

The Drags – Modern Man – Set Right Fit To Blow Clean Up

Poison 13 – My Biggest Mistake – Poison 13

The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – Son Of Sam – Jukebox Explosion

TSOL – Black Magic – Change Today?

Flesh Eaters – Pony Dress – No Questions Asked

The Gun Club – Ghost On The Highway – Fire Of Love

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