Best Table in Hell 403

Some more of my favorite Old School stuff.

Cheers Joe!

Treehouse Records

Best Table in Hell 403

Big Boys – Fun Fun Fun – ep

The Minutemen – This Ain’t No Picnic – Double Nickels On The Dime

Meat Puppets – Swimming Ground – Up On The Sun

Toxic Reasons – Drunk and Disorderly – Independence

Necros – Police Brutality – Conquest For Death

The Crucifucks – Hinkley Had a Vision – The Crucifucks

Beowülf – Plastic People – Lost My Head… But I’m Back On The Right Track

Capitol Punishment – Elephant Man – When Putsch Comes To Shove

Agression – Don’t Be Mistaken – Grind Kings

Minor Threat – Look Back and Laugh – Out Of Step

Government Issue – Plain To See – Boycott Stabb

Bad Brains – Band In D.C. – Bad Brains

X – Hungry Wolf – Under The Big Black Sun

Social Distortion – It Wasn’t a Pretty Picture – Mommy’s Little Monster

Angry Samoans – (I’ll Drink To This) Love Song – STP Not LSD

The Subhumans – Reality Is Waiting For a Bus – From the Cradle To the Grave

Conflict – One Nation Under The Bomb – It’s Time To See Who’s Who

Chaos UK – 4 Minute Warning – Burning Britain ep

Broken Bones – Their Living Is My Death – Dem Bones

Napalm Death – Instinct Of Survival – Scum

Extreme Noise Terror – Raping The Earth – A Holocaust In Your Head

The Freeze – American Town – Land Of the Lost

Black Flag – Rise Above – Damaged

Poison Idea – Getting The Fear – 12” Single

Best Table in Hell 402

Playing some of my favorite Hardcore that has stuck with me through the years.

Cheers Joe!

BTiH WS Studio_Reverse

Best Table in Hell 402

TSOL – Suppose They Give A War And No One Comes – Flipside Vinyl Fanzine Vol.1

Adolescents – Word Attack – Adolescents

Descendants – Sour Grapes – Liveage!

Dead Kennedys – Hellnation – Frankenchrist

The Loudmouths – Dirty Mouth – Singles

MDC – Multi-Death Corporation – Multi-Death Corporation

The Replacements – Hangin’ Downtown – Sorry Ma Forgot to Take Out The Trash

Hüsker Dü – Deadly Skies – Metal Circus

Willful Neglect – Outa My Mind – Willful Neglect

Appliances SFB – Bob Hope – Appliances SFB

Die Kreuzen – Think For Me – Die Kreuzen

Negative Approach – Your Mistake – Tied Down

Naked Raygun – I Don’t Know – Throb Throb

Articles of Faith – In Your Suit – Give Thanks

The Effigies – Below The Drop – Haunted Town ep

Circle Jerks – Question Authority – Wild In The Streets

Bad Religion – Voice of God is Government – How Could Hell Be Any Worse?

D.I. – Richard Hung Himself – D.I.

Agnostic Front – Fascist Attitudes – Victim In Pain

Cro-Mags – We Gotta Know – Age Of Quarrel

Murphy’s Law – Quest For Herb – Back With A Bong

The Exploited – Dead Cities – ep

GBH – Heavy Discipline – City Baby Attacked By Rats

Best Table in Hell 401

All over the place this week.

Cheers Joe!


Best Table in Hell 401

Spermbirds – Scumbag/Shit Job – Something To Prove

Olho Seco – Todos Hipnotizados – Haverá Futuro?

Ultra-Violent – Crime For Revenge – Crime For Revenge 7”

Public Nuisance – Cheap Sex and Booze – Back With A Swill

Quincy Punx – Kamikaze – We’re Not Punks…But We Play Them On TV

Butt Trumpet – Classic Asshole – Primitive Enema

Varukers – Less Is More – Damned and Defiant

Oi Polloi – Dirty Protest – Saorsa

Contempt – Make A Stand – Who Needs Diplomacy?

RF7 – Rise Again – Hatred On The Rise

Cerebral Ballzy – Junky For Her – Cerebral Ballzy

Scared Of Chaka – Cashed Out – Masonic Youth

Magick Gardens – Go Fuck Yourself – Magick Gardens

Midnight Evils – Ain’t Got Time For Love – Straight Til Morning

Snap-Her – Blue Balls – It Smells, It Burns, It Stings…

Dropkick Murphy’s – Time To Go – Blackout

Hanson Bros. – Duke It Out – Gross Misconduct

Two Man Advantage – Born To Skate – South Of Canada

The Dragons – Sleep When I’m Dead – R.L.F.

Detox – Child For One – Detox

The Trans Ams – Stoners Gonna Kung-Fu His Way Outta This Mess – Race The Devil ep

Youth Gone Mad – Oki Dogs – 7”

No Crisis – Take It – She’s Into The Scene

Best Table in Hell 400

All Compilations this week.

Cheers Joe!

BTiH WS Studio

Best Table in Hell 400

Cult Maniax – American Dream – Beating The Meat

Channel 3 – Mannequin – Eastern Front Vol. 2

Circle Jerks – Paid Vacation – Let Them Eat Jellybeans

No Alternative – Dead Men Tell No Lies – Not So Quiet on the Western Front

Christ On A Crutch – Nation Of Sheep – They Don’t Get Paid, They Don’t Get Laid…

Poison Idea – Die On Your Knees – Cleanse The Bacteria

The Exploited – Daily News – Oi! The Album

Red Alert – S.P.G. – Carry On Oi!

Infa Riot – We Outnumber You – Strength Thru Oi!

Sloppy Seconds – Before We Had Cable – War Between The States North

Landlords – Sinners In The Hands Of An Angry God – War Between The States South

D.O.A. – America the Beautiful – Rat Music For Rat People

The Boneless Ones – Love To Hate – Them Boners Be Poppin’

Force Of Habit – Your Decline – Voice Of Thousands

Maimed For Life – Attack Of The Drones – Sounds Of Sodium

Murphy’s Law – Quest For Herb – Sunday Matinee

The Proletariat – Religion Is The Opium Of The Masses – This Is Boston, Not L.A.

Husker Du – Deadly Skies – Underground Hits 2

Dirt Poor – Rebel Nation – No Slow… All Go!

Plate O’ Shrimp – D-R-U-N-K – No Hold Back… All Attack!!!

Royal Pain – No Lords – Workman’s Comp

Skoundrelz – Jimmy Closet – Skaterock Vol. 1

TSOL – In Time – Skaterock Vol. 2

Septic Death – Thaw (Cold War) – Skaterock Vol. 3

Aerobitch – Steamroller Blues – Short Music For Short People

Best Table in Hell 399

Spinning some Oi! this week.

Cheers Joe!

Skinhead toys_edited

Best Table in Hell 399

Bishops Green – We Got Nothing – A Chance To Change

Oxley’s Midnight Runners – We’ve Been Trumped – The Battle Vol.1

Gimp Fist – Top Dog – Never Give Up On You

Rude Pride – Too Fast (Back With A Crash) – Take It As It Comes

Perkele – Dancing Boots – A Way Out

Lion’s Law – Last Train Home – From The Storm

The Business – Cuts Like A Shard (An Ode To The Banks) – Back In The Day ep

Sham 69 – End Of Days – It’ll End In Tears

The Warriors – We’re Not Like You – Operation Oi!

Cock Sparrer – So Many Things – Here We Stand

The Gonads – Dance, Fat Boy, Dance – Glorious Bastards

Angelic Upstarts – Nazi B.N.P. – Bullingdon Bastards

Noi!se – Passing Time – The Real Enemy

Sledgeback – 10 After 10 – Split

Bigfoot Accelerator – Working Man – Bigfoot Accelerator

Giuda – Bad Days Are Back – Speaks Evil

Duffy’s Cut – She Don’t Dance – Killers On The Dance Floor

Redskins – Hold On! – Neither Washington Nor Moscow

The Vanilla Muffins – It’s All A Joke – A Little Night Music