Best Table in Hell 406

Some Crossover and Thrash this week.

Cheers Joe!


Best Table in Hell 406

Body Count – Civil War – Bloodlust

Dayglo Abortions – Cockroaches – Armageddon Survival Guide

Iron Reagan – Condition Evolution – Crossover Ministry

Final Conflict – Killing Fields – No Peace On Earth No Rest In Hell

Insanity Alert – Life’s To Short For Longboards – Moshburger

Decontrol – Insatiable – Fear Is The Key

Short Sharp Shock – Shape Of Things To Come – Limp.Gasp.Collapse.

Lobotamia – Correntes Da Ignornâcia – Desastré

Blunt Force Trauma – Revolution – Hatred For The State

English Dogs – Hate Song – The Thing With Two Heads

Attitude Adjustment – Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing – Terrorize

Ratos De Porão – Neocanibalismo – Século Sinistro

Uncle Slam – Age Of Agression – When God Dies

Rash Decision – Inanimate – Headstrung

Cross Examination – Blutocalypse – Dawn Of The Dude

Vicious Circle – Cornucopia Of Misery – Never Give In

Crossbone – Hell On Earth – Through Death And Hate

Cryptic Slaughter – Deathstyles Of The Poor And Lowly – Speak Your Peace

D.R.I. – Against Me – But Wait… There’s More!

Nuclear Assault – Analog Man – Pounder

Crumbsuckers – Brainwashed – Life Of Dreams


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