Best Table in Hell 411

All over the place this week. BTiH 411 Mixcloud

Cheers Joe!

BTiH WS Studio_Reverse

Best Table in Hell 411

The Zeros – Wild Weekend – Don’t Push Me Around

Forgotten Rebels – Surfin’ On Heroin – This Ain’t Hollywood

The Weirdos – Pagan – Weird World Volume 1 77-81

Cows – Walks Alone – Cunning Stunts – Norm Rogers

Baby Astronauts – Haircut – All The Pancakes You Can Eat..Plus Bacon (Pig Fat)

The Magnolias – Don’t Know You Anymore – Concrete Pillbox

Replacements – I’m In Trouble – For Sale: Live At Maxwell’s

Run Westy Run – Iceland Queen – Hardly Not Even

Shotgun Rationale – Roller Coaster On Fire – Who Do they Think they Are?

The Mighty Mofos – Another Bad Day – Sho! Hard

The Nomads – Surfin’ In The Bars – Showdown!

Crime – Feel The Beat – San Francisco’s Still Doomed

Hollywood Indians – Bully – Lock Up the Dogs

Jesus Chrysler – My Bars – This Year’s Savior

Splatcats – Of Youth – Sin 73

D.O.A. – Pipeline Fever – Hard Rain Falling

The Freeze – When The Scum Dries – Blood Flows Home

SNFU – Voodoo Doll Collector – Never Trouble Trouble, Until Trouble Troubles You

Young Republipukes – Bring Yr’ Gun to Church – How To Be a Teen-Age Republican

Maggot Sandwich – She Does Too – Get Off the Stage

Nine Pound Hammer – Run Fat Boy Run – Hayseed Timebomb

Secret Hate – Rixadik – Vegetables Dancing

Whoppers Taste Good – P.P.S. – Haunting White Castle

Quincy Punx – Crack Lab – We’re Not Punks… But We Play them On TV

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