Best Table in Hell 408

All over the place this week. Some new spins

Cheers Joe!


Best Table in Hell 408

TSOL – You’re Still The Same – The Trigger Complex

OFF! – Hypnotized – Wasted Years

Cadillac Tramps – Should I – Don’t Go

Zeke – Working Man – Hellbender

Toe Tag – Supposed To Be Some Weed – Scroat To Throat

Spittin’ Cobras – Criminal Mastermind – Year Of The Cobra

Fu Manchu – Triplanetary – Gigantoid

The Shrine – Death to Invaders – Rare Breed

Six Six Crush – Son Of Satan – On A Path

Against The Grain – Bring Me Down – Motor City Speed Rock

The Atomic Bitchwax – Sexecutioner – Gravitron

Les Guenilles – Combinaison Perdante – Les Guenilles

Jeff Dahl – You’re A Drag – Ultra Under

Feederz – Crawl Space – Teachers In Space

Doggy Style – Peace In The City – Doggy Style II

The Homisides – Must Bleed TV – Make You Dead

Bomb Squad – Pale Rider – Bomb Squad

MurderCycle – Technical Difficulties – Carrion

Hypnotics – Eating Soup – Indoor Fiends

B.G.K. – Police Crimes – Jonestown Aloha!

Antidote – I Don’t Like You – Go Pogo

NOFX – The Idiots Are Taking Over – War On Errorism

Bad Religion – New Dark Ages – New Maps Of Hell

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