Best Table in Hell 407

Spinning the Punk Rock this week.

Cheers Joe!

photo 3

Best Table in Hell 407

White Flag – Loaded – Zero Hour

Magick Gardens – Take Yourself So Seriously – Magick Gardens

The Candy Snatchers – Sauced Again – The Candy Snatchers

The Wipers – Return Of The Rat – Is This Real

Bad Chopper – Ain’t No Criminal – Bad Chopper

Three-Legged Dog – Throwout Man – Unloaded 1987-1989

The Fall – Bingo Masters Breakout – Early Fall – Mark E Smith

The Ruts – Staring At The Rude Boys – Grin & Bear It

The Flys – Love and a Molotov Cocktail – Waikiki Beach Refugees

The Damned – Anti-Pope – Machine Gun Etiquette

Chelsea – I’m On Fire – Chelsea

The Lurkers – Ain’t Got A Clue – Fulham Fallout

Death Sentence – Cease To Exist – Until The End Of The Sentence

Anti – What Do You Do – I Don’t Want To Die In Your War

The Working Stiffs – On The Air – Dog Tired

Wrong Beach – Child For One – Last Ride

Victims Willing – Home Is Where the War Is – Old Bones And New Cadavers

SS-20 – Right Wing Death Squad – The Wealth Of Nations

The Varukers – Less Is More – Damned and Defiant

For Fuck Sake – Suffer Through The Apocalypse – Trapped Like A Rat

Abrassive Wheels – Born Loser – Skum

F.U.G. – She Buys Amphetamines – Sumus Animalia

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